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Welcome to DIY Painting Tips. My name is Ryan Cunningham. I have been a professional painter out of Minneapolis, Minnesota for over 20 years. I started this site to help homeowners who want to do their own painting projects, but don’t know where to start. My hope is that this site helps you have a great experience painting and get an amazing finished product. Oh, and if you ever have a question, I am happy to help!

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Coastal Paint Colors

15 Coastal Paint Colors to Decorate Your Home

Who doesn’t want to feel like they’re living on the ocean? Even if you’re in the hottest deserts, coastal paint colors can make it feel like the water is only a few steps away. But, sometimes, choosing the right coastal paint colors can feel nearly impossible with how many options there are.  Don’t worry! If

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Blue Trendy Paint Color

14 Of The Best Contemporary Paint Colors to Use in Your Home

When it comes to contemporary paint colors for your home, a lot of homeowners think of muted, neutral tones. While these shades are certainly a big part of “contemporary” colors as a whole, surprisingly enough, there’s a lot of other vibrant colors that could also fit your modern and updated interior as well. With this

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Modern Apartment Interior

17 Modern Paint Colors to Decorate Your Home

Sometimes, every home needs a new pop of color. Whether you’re hoping to paint your walls or decorate a piece of furniture, modern paint colors are some of the best ways to give your house a whole new look. These colors aren’t too flashy but aren’t too simple, either: they’re perfect for your home.  Below,

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Shabby Chick Paint Colors

21 Shabby Chic Paint Colors to Paint Your Home

Right now is the perfect time to switch it up. While this might mean dyeing your hair for some, we love the idea of giving your home a new splash of color with some shabby chic paint.  Shabby chic is one of the most popular color pallets in the home decor world right now, so

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Tuscany Italy: Tuscan Paint Colors

15 Beautiful Tuscan Paint Colors to Decorate Your Home

With fields of blooming sunflowers, groves of olive trees, and an awe-inspiring sea, Tuscany reflects centuries of Italian tradition and culture in a way that is simply breathtaking. Tuscany’s rustic essence is one of warmth and elegance, and this is most aptly reflected by the beautiful color palette the region has inspired.  The combination of

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The Absolute Best Paint for Garage Walls

You probably don’t spend a lot of time thinking about your garage or the best paint for garage walls. We get it; your garage isn’t at the forefront of your priorities for remodeling. You park your car, store old exercise gear, maybe even half-full cans of paint in there. You think about cleaning it but

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Cottage Decor

15 Cottage Paint Colors to Decorate Your Home

Whether it’s by the sea or tucked deep within the woods, there’s nothing quite like the laid back, comfortable charm of a well decorated cottage.  Compared to more traditional homes, cottages tend to employ a more casual and rustic style that’s usually reflected by the colors adorning the walls. With so many color options available,

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Enameled Kitchen Cabinets

Alkyd Enamel: Everything You Need To Know

Enamel paint has a glossy and durable finish great for areas of your home such as trim, kitchen cabinets, and doors. Enamels stand up well to use since they have a hard and scratch-resistant surface. They are often used in areas such as kitchens and bathrooms since they are water- resistant and washable. There are

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The Best Deck Paint to Transform Your Yard in 2020

If you’re spending more time at home these days, you might want to invest in easy DIY projects to improve your house and yard. Using the best deck paint on your outdoor space is a great way to give it a fresh look while protecting and preserving your wood decking. Imagine a stylish and comfortable oasis

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