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21 Best Living Room Paint Colors To Inspire Your Decorating

Trends, by definition, come and go. But using one of the best living room paint colors of all time means you don’t have to repaint your living room every time Pantone releases a new color of the year. Or, at least, we wouldn’t. Your living room color should reflect yourself and your home, adaptable to change, but also timeless. To help, we’ve rounded up the 21 colors that will never go out of style for your living room. They cover the full rainbow, from white to (yes, you’re reading it right) black. Check out our inspiration guide and find the best living room paint colors for your home.

Soft Gray

Pastels are some of the best living room paint colors of all time for their ease of styling and adaptability.
The right decor can make or break a paint color.

If you’re a fan of white, off-white, and beige colors but want to try something bold (for you) for the living room, consider a soft shade of gray paint.

Barren Plain
Barren Plain

You can find the hue with both warm and cool undertones to suit your home and decor’s mood. We’re partial to Barren Plain from Benjamin Moore, or Seagull Gray from Behr for some soft gray living room paint colors. It’s airy like off-white but also pops with neutral furniture and natural wood finishes.

Seagull Gray


Sweet and soft peach is one of the best living room colors because it's bold without being in your face.
Bold means something different to everyone. We love this daring and sweet shade of peach.

A daring move (if you love shades of white paint), is peach. It takes beige and turns up the pink for a room color that’s warm and inviting while staying bright and fresh. If your living room colors change all the time, it’s neutral enough not to clash.

Nearly Peach
Nearly Peach

Sherwin-Williams Nearly Peach has just a hint of a more intense hue to turn white living rooms into splashier spaces.

Pale Yellow

The best living room paint colors have to include sunny yellow for cheerful living spaces.
Your furniture and home decor can transform a subtle color into a striking one.

Want a bright and welcoming living room paint color? Then roll on a coat or two of Thickened Cream from Behr to transform your bland walls with the most optimistic living room paint. We just love how well it goes with emerald green accents and furniture.

Thickened Cream

Don’t skimp on the indoor plants if you pick a pale yellow room color; they’ll look great and add to the sunny atmosphere.

Olive Green

Olive green is one of the best living room paint colors because it looks great in tough-to-style rooms.
Finding a color to bring dark wood and picture windows together doesn’t have to be difficult.

Sometimes you don’t need a dark or bright room color to make a bold statement. Shagreen from Sherwin-Williams pulls together dark wood finishes with the light from all the tall windows in this living room.


They’ve used light neutral furniture to go with the olive green color paint, but we think dark patterns and luxurious materials would look just as good.

Emerald Green

Jewel tones are the best living room colors because they can look both sophisticated and whimsical.
Jewel tone green will always be a favorite in any room of the house.

If you’ve been looking for the bold, vibrant jewel tone living room paint color in this post, Exquisite Emerald from Behr is for you.

Exquisite Emerald

Classic, striking, emerald green always looks good, more so when you pick opulent room colors for the accents and furniture. An empty gilded frame like in this living room highlights that this is the playful color of money and decadence.

Forest Green

There's nothing so relaxing as colors from nature which is why they're some of the best paint colors of all time.
Take the express train to Relaxation Town with this soft forest green.

When you love luxurious living room paint colors but want less intensity, try Sherwin-Williams Basil or Rosepine from Benjamin Moore. A room color like this one feels like a dawn forest draped in a mist.

SW 6194

Living room paint colors like this one help to relax you while you’re at home. We love the pale pink accents, which add elements of interior design to the space.



Bold turquoise makes one of the best living room paint colors because it's intense without making a room look dark.
Don’t forget the gold accents when you use teal as your living room wall color.

If you want a living room paint color to make you feel alive every time you step into your living room, try Sherwin-Williams Poseidon.

SW 6762

It’s a living room paint color perfect for the place where you exercise, entertain, and hang out. While we love the monochrome colors in the accents, a little pink or orange would create tension and drama. Add gold lamps or bookshelves for more glam.

Ocean Blue

Get a luxurious look on a budget with deep ocean blue, one of the best living room paint colors of all time.
Dive into the deep end with this ocean blue wall color.

This paint color, Blue Nile, is genuinely one of the greatest living room paint colors of all time.

SW 6776
Blue Nile
Blue Nile

It’s bold, so the enveloping walls make your living room an oasis from the rest of the world. Add a metallic side table to ritz up the aesthetic, or use natural wood to subdue the intensity.

Blue Gray

Beautiful blue-gray makes one of the best living room paint colors because it's rich and soft.
Channel the power of stormy skies when you use a blue-gray like this one.

Again, if you love the drama of the previous living room paint color but want less forcefulness from your painting colors, try a blue-gray like Cloudburst from Sherwin-Williams.

SW 6487

It’s a bold room color turning your living room into stormy seas with cloudy skies overhead. Pair it with the colors of nature, like white, beige, and forest green. Have fun using different materials for the decor, like the stained wood side table.


Channel summer skies with turquoise, one of the best living room paint colors we've ever seen.
Simple and sweet, you can make turquoise as playful or sophisticated as you want.

Sherwin-Williams Aquaduct is a simple, clean, and cheerful room paint, well suited to high rise apartment living rooms, and small houses.

SW 6758

The blue glows in limited sunlight and creates an airy open feeling. If you want to take an interior design approach to your living room, use contrasting color accents, like yellows, oranges, and reds. Or, style with beige and gray for a more calming effect.

Cerulean Blue

Deep blue cerulean blue is a classic amongst the best living room paint colors.
No end to the blue in this contemporary living room that’ll never go out of style.

A perfect blue living room paint color like Hyper Blue from Sherwin-Williams will give make your living room feel brand new.

SW 6965
Hyper Blue
Hyper Blue

It’s super fun to style using a monochrome of blue and super-white accents. It’s a foolproof way to give your living room an element of interior design.

Dark Purple

Create your own fairy wonderland with dark purple living room paint.
Playful accents bring whimsy to this stately living room wall color.

Usually, purple’s a hard hue to use as a living room paint color because of its intensity and brashness. But this subdued room color, Cabernet, from Benjamin Moore has us singing a different tune.


It’s one of the best living room paint colors and the shade of purple we’ve always wanted to see.

Warm Gray

Create the midcentury modern home of your dream with a rich warm gray living room paint color.
We’re ga-ga for this midcentury modern dreamboat of a living room with perfectly styled accessories.

Do you just love mid-century modern? Pick paint colors like Web Gray from Sherwin-Williams that lets your aesthetic shine.

SW 7075
Web Gray
Web Gray

Polished wood, burnt umber accents, and clean lines never looked better than with this living room paint color.


While non-traditional we swear black's timeless sophistication makes it one of the best living room paint colors of all time.
A black backdrop makes furniture and wall decor pop.

It’s non-traditional as one of the best living room paint colors, but we stand by Space Black from Benjamin Moore being one of the greatest room colors of all time.

Space Black
Space Black

A little goes a long way, but it looks great with red exposed brick, and any art or furniture you put in front of black walls will practically vibrate.

Gunmetal Gray

Gunmetal gray doesn't have to be cold and off-putting, it's adaptability makes it one of the best living room paint colors.
Indoor plants and gold accents soften gunmetal gray into a welcoming living room.

Using a faux-finish on your living room walls adds a whole additional layer of depth.


That’s the case when you use a room color like Benjamin Moore Gunmetal, while they’ve styled the interior design to monochrome, you can use accents of almost any color with gray.

Blue Gray

When you love a color, but not the intensity, look for less saturated hue to find the best living room paint colors for you.
Unexpected colors in furniture, curtains, and accents rugs can make you see gray in a new way.

We already gushed about the dark purple color painting in living rooms, and we feel the same way about Van Deusen Blue from Benjamin Moore.

Van Deusen Blue
Van Deusen Blue

It’s the color of a winter evening sky, softened with soft pink and super white curtains.


Hands down one of the most popular and best living room paint colors of all time.
Red will always be the statement-making accent wall, and we love this checkerboard-inspired style.

Red will always be one of the all-time best living room paint colors. Even a small accent wall can transform a room, but we love the interior design at play with Benjamin Moore Exotic Red.

Exotic Red
Exotic Red

The checkerboard carpet inspired a duality in the space we just love.


We can't wait to see more orange on living room walls, one of the best living room paint colors of all time.
Want a jewel-tone that’ll stand out from a crowd? Check out this dreamy orange living room.

Oranges like Benjamin Moore Carrot Stick just don’t get enough love one of the best living room paint colors. And sure, this amount of orange is too much.

Carrot Stick
Carrot Stick

But don’t you just love the intensity of the walls? Styled with confidence, it’s as bold and charming as a blue or green.


Beige is always best for sophistication and timeless style.
It’s all about the accents when you style with beige, and deep blue is a surefire win.

We’ve written about our love of beige before, but we’ll repeat it.


We’ve found some of our favorites like Benjamin Moore Canvas living room paint color in the subtle spectrum of beige. If your living room is the heart of your busy home, beige makes the space feel like it belongs to the entire family.


Brown's perfect for creating a relaxing oasis highlighting nature outside of picture windows.
When you have a killer view, use a paint color to highlight your living room’s best feature.

A brown color scheme doesn’t always jump to mind for living room walls. But it should, especially in an open floor plan space like this one.

Camel Back
Camel Back

Benjamin Moore Camel Back accommodates changes to the decor and will work with your space however you choose to style it.

Super White

Super-white is fun to style, radiates with light and is on every list for the best living room paint colors.
Classic super-white will never go out of style, especially with natural wood decor like here.

With the right finishes, like items made with natural woods, luxurious rugs, and pillows with an intricate pattern, super white like White Dove from Benjamin Moore will never be a dull color on living room walls.

White Dove
White Dove

When you’re considering the best living room paint colors, think about the ways you can style super-white. Apartments and condos with limited light can make their living room feel like an oasis of nature from the rest of the world.

Wrapping Up the Best Living Room Paint Colors

Get your living room ready for transformation, with paint samples and plan in hand.

We’ll finish by reminding you of our best practices for repainting the walls of any room in your house. Make sure you have the best painting gear, from the best tape to the highest quality brushes, to set yourself up for success. Then collect samples of the best living room paint colors from chips to test paint and look at it in the space. That’s the time to bail if it doesn’t look the way you expected. Trust us; if you don’t love a test patch of paint, you won’t love four walls of it.