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11 Deck Stain Colors That Will Make Your Deck Pop!

Deck stain is more than just drab colors. It provides protection in rich color options for every backyard. Transforming a peeling, splintered, and dirty exterior deck into a designer space is less difficult and expensive than you think.

A little inspiration and something as simple as a fresh stain on your deck and fence will revitalize the whole yard. You can add valuable square footage to your home with deck stain colors, creating an oasis for morning yoga, happy hour, and enjoying warm summer nights.

Stained Deck

Even in high traffic areas, stain protects wood from moisture, mildew, water damage, and weather. Your deck will last longer while looking great. But don`t just rush out and buy any deck stain just to get to the finished product.

If you’re considering painting your deck, stain preserves the natural texture of the wood. Plus, it’s more cost effective, as paint requires wood preservative and primer to fill the cracks in the wood. Wood stain colors are more natural, and the formula bonds with the deck surface. Plus, you can always paint over stain later.

Finding the best wood stain colors requires planning, the right tools, and inspiration to narrow down the options. As homeowners, decide the look of your home’s exterior. A bright hangout for the family? Designer outdoor furniture for upscale evening hangouts? Are your tastes always changing with trends?

Choose deck stain colors to enhance your future decorating choices on wood walkways and decks. Check out these products for color ideas, decorating tips, and design tricks.

Woodland Cedar

Woodland Cedar Deck Stain

Of all the deck stain colors you could choose, cedar stains absolutely glow in the sunlight. Just imagine sun-drenched brunches on this deck. For striking colors with weather protection, use Thompson`s Woodland Cedar Waterseal Waterproofing Stain. It`s so vibrant it pops against the colors of the railings. If you have a small backyard, this one stain activates dull wood, drawing you outdoors for three-season enjoyment. For sizeable spaces, break up the vibrancy of the look with planters filled with rich greenery. 

Exterior stain colors like Woodland Cedar are for people who make the outdoors home during the summer months. The Woodland Cedar color is perfect for tanning, water fights, and grilling with the family. By using this type of vibrant color, you create a focal point for activity in your yard. 

Honey Teak 

Honey Teak Deck Stain

If you want bright, warm stain colors that provide exterior protection for your deck surfaces’ natural texture, you want a stain color like Cabot`s Australian Timber Oil in Honey Teak. It`s so vivid that the surrounding greenery looks even more lush. This is the color if you are homeowners with birthday parties, baby showers, and brunch get-togethers every weekend. It`s so vibrant and striking, you need bright bold furniture and flowers that won`t get washed out or fade into the background. 

Use this color if you have plastic Adirondack chairs in every color of the rainbow, and a crayon box of pots for all your outdoor plants. Honey Teak stains are perfect for decks with color splashed around by balloons, streamers, and wild decor.  

Canyon Brown

Best Deck Stain Colors: Canyon Brown

Looking for decompression, relaxation, and evening meditations? The Canyon Brown Olympic Exterior Stain and Sealant is a soft earth tone perfect for homeowners blending deck surfaces in with nature. Pair wood stain colors like Canyon Brown with muted hues and overflowing planters to design your own oasis. In the fall, consider adding a raised fire pit and lanterns to make a cozy place perfect for sipping hot apple cider and enjoying cool autumn evenings. 

While they`ve used rattan furniture and subdued area rugs, you can always drop in a few bold splashes of color to invigorate the stain colors. Outdoor furniture now comes in a variety of materials. When you combine natural material with metal and plastic, you will transform an earth-tone oasis into stylish contemporary space.

Rustic Tobacco

11 Deck Stain Colors That Will Make Your Deck Pop! 1

Rustic chic colors bring country style outdoors. When you treat a deck with Behr`s Rustic Tobacco DeckPlus Waterproofing Wood Stain, the features include superior weather protection and a hardwood floor feel underfoot. The auburn color adds contemporary style to wood decks and patios. Finishing touches with dark wood stains make all the difference. 

Consider options like lining the deck with small lanterns so it`s well lit and inviting. Don`t forget the citronella candles in the summer. Pick outdoor furniture with light cushions, bright colors, or vibrant prints. Careful, since dark stain might turn dull without proper styling. But Rustic Tobacco also give you so much freedom for daring choices with your outdoor decor.      

Seaside Grey

Seaside Grey Deck Stain Colors

Okay, so it`s a little weird to describe grey as bold, but using Seaside Grey Preserva Exterior Wood Stain is a bold choice in a world filled with brown and neutral stains. Grey deck stain colors set you up to create a high-design space, with lavish outdoor furniture you just can`t want to sink into with a glass of wine or ice cold beer. Keep in mind, that high-end outdoor furniture, while a worthwhile investment for establishing a stylish outdoor space, requires more care and attention, especially during the off-seasons when you`re not using it at much. 

Understated grey highlights outdoor decor and flower beds. If you have a bold exterior color for your home, striking siding, or masonry work, gray might be the most complementary color.  

Clear Sealant

11 Deck Stain Colors That Will Make Your Deck Pop! 2

As homeowners constructing an exterior deck with a gorgeous wood species, you might not want the look of stain colors at all. You can still get protection from the elements without stains by using a clear sealant like Olympic Waterguard Clear Wood Sealer. It preserves the gorgeous natural color of the decking for years to come. Granted, there`s more initial expense with woods like mahogany, teak, and Ipe, but they all resist rot, insects, and mildew. 

If your home focuses on natural materials and earth tones, a clear sealant may be an obvious choice. Natural materials are also more flexible if your style changes often, or you partake in impulse buying for furniture and decor.  


11 Deck Stain Colors That Will Make Your Deck Pop! 3

Don`t you love the subtle luxury of Behr`s Chocolate Premium Waterproofing Stain and Sealer? The gentle colors go with either a bold or neutral exterior house color. Perfect for a grill out with just the family, or a garden party with cocktails to highlight the landscaping around your house. Gentle chocolate stains can transform the poolside mood. It adds elegance to the outdoors and brims with potential for furniture, outdoor area rugs, and bold potted plants. 


Butternut Stained Deck

Understated is the name of the game when you use a stain color like Defy Extreme Exterior Wood Stain in Butternut. It`s dark and moody, perfect for a yard design featuring evergreen trees, shade, and verdant ground cover. If your aesthetic tends towards organic cotton, teak, and natural grasses, use Butternut on your outdoor walkways and decks. It looks great with playful outdoor furniture and planters, and if your house has a light exterior, a dark wood stain is the way to go. 

Driftwood Grey

Driftwood Grey Stained Deck

A brighter grey, DEFY Essential Wood Stain in Driftwood Grey takes inspiration from sun- and salt-bleached wood washed up on shore. You don`t need a beach house to create a perfect exterior seaside mood. Decorate with earth shades of sand, sky blue, and ocean gray to capture that seaside escape vibe. Or use rich colors to add depth and drama. Shades of beige and white will give the stain color an air of elegance, but may not be ideal for families with small children, where mustard-drenched hotdogs get dropped during barbecues. 

There`s so many palettes that work well with grey, it`s brilliant if you haven`t settled on a vision for your backyard, if you`re selling your home soon, or you have a young family whose needs change every few years. Grey stains give you flexibility and protection without being bland. 


Redwood Stained Deck

Surround yourself with the beauty of the Pacific Northwest with Kilz Exterior Waterproofing Wood Stain in Redwood. Using actual redwood for decks may be prohibitively expensive the further away from the Pacific you live. Instead, you can use a more cost efficient wood species, and treat it with redwood stains to add rich color and tone. We love how this deck combines redwood stain with wood siding on the house and neutral outdoor furniture. 

Bright or beige outdoor area rugs look great with the deep red color. You can create tension with planters filled with greenery, or a few potted evergreen trees. Approach a stain like this the same way you would a dramatic wall color and use decor that creates a unified aesthetic. 

Light Walnut 

Light Walnut Deck Stain Color

If you want the finish and color of interior wood flooring on your deck, try this one; Defy 1 Gallon Semi-Transparent Deck Stain in Light Walnut. For covered porches and decks you can add refinement with a high gloss umber stain that match your flooring inside. It`s perfect inspiration to dress up with an outdoor area rug, some plush outdoor furniture, and pillar candles or citronella lanterns. 

Stain your Deck for an Easy Home Upgrade

Your new outdoor space is just a weekend DIY job away. Or hire a painting contractor if that’s more your thing. Either way, you’ll have a beautiful deck and back yard with these deck stain colors.

You have relaxing summer afternoons, autumn fireside evenings, and family get-togethers to enjoy after your deck and fences gets a fresh coat of stain. You’ll also eliminate splinters and provide your deck protection from harsh winters, water damage, and sun.

All you need as homeowners is proper tools and inspiration from your house backyard to transform the appearance of your deck. Deck stains are the first step towards lifelong memories of family get-togethers, parties, or just morning meditations.

You can have the deck of your dreams, that’ll get you outside and enjoying nature, starting with the perfect deck color.

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