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About DIY Painting Tips

My name is Ryan Cunningham and I am the voice behind DIY Painting Tips.

About DIY Painting Tips 1

I have been a painting contractor in the Minneapolis area since 2001 and have been running Minneapolis Painting Company since 2004.

You can trust that any advice, how-tos, reviews, and other opinions I give here on DIY Painting Tips comes from first-hand experience.

In my painting business, I have always strived to become more efficient and produce the best quality work possible.

This desire leads me to continually question how I do things, how I can make my service better, how I can make the final product better, and how I can be as efficient as possible.

DIY Painting Tips is a place for me to share everything I have learned over the years. From how to paint certain projects, to how to better run a painting business.

Product Reviews

All products reviewed on DIY Painting Tips have been purchased by me with my own funds. They are not provided by the manufacturer.

This means you can expect a 100% honest review that isn’t persuaded by anyone.

Affiliate Links

DIY Painting Tips contains links to many of the products I discuss on this site. Most of these links are affiliate links, meaning I make a small commission when you purchase something using these links.

Affiliate links add no extra cost to you, the consumer.

On-Site Ads

Just like TV, radio, magazines, and other media, DIY Painting Tips is supported through ad revenue. This revenue allows me to put in my time and effort to bring you the best information possible. Please show your support by not using ad blockers when browsing DIY Painting Tips.

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