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Ryan Cunningham Painting

About DIY Painting & Ryan Cunningham: Painting Minnesota & Beyond

Hello! I’m Ryan Cunningham, and I’ve spent two decades perfecting the art of painting. From brushes to businesses, my journey in the world of hues and tones has been both vibrant and challenging.

The Painting Odyssey

In 2001, amidst the construction boom, I found myself with an unexpected offer: a lucrative painting gig. It was tempting enough to make me leave college behind. The passion soon evolved, and by 2004, I was at the helm of my own venture – Capstone Painting. With dreams of coloring every corner of Minnesota, I was on the fast lane. Sales figures? From a promising $100K in the first year to a staggering $1M by 2008. Yet, as with any story, there were twists:

  • Business Lessons: Perfecting a brush stroke was easier than hiring the right talent or turning a profit.
  • Market Meltdown: 2008 wasn’t just about big numbers; it was also when the housing market came crashing. Clients vanished, dreams dwindled, and Capstone faced the storm.

By 2010, it was time to regroup. I took a year off, reflecting on the past and plotting the future. Enter 2011, and with it, the Minneapolis Painting Company. I found my niche: kitchen cabinet painting. Dedication and precision became my allies, leading to unmatched success.

A Digital Brushstroke

With paint under my nails and tales in my heart, 2013 saw another venture – my camping love letter, www.BeyondTheTent.com. The joy of sharing personal adventures online soon sparked another idea. In 2015, DIYPaintingTips.com came alive, a portal where I could pour out my vast painting knowledge. These digital endeavors became so fulfilling that by 2020, I transitioned fully into the online space, parting ways with the Minneapolis Painting Company.

Join My Painting Journey

Today, besides typing away on DIY Painting Tips, I spend time creating tutorials on my YouTube channel. While I’m no cinematic genius, my videos capture the heart of every project. From cabinet transformations to wall makeovers, there’s a lot to learn and share. So, if painting intrigues you as it does me, subscribe and dive in!

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Check Out Some Of Our Reader’s and Viewer’s Comments:


The most informative video…. I would go as far as to call this a training video…. cudos


Great video and clear explanation. Was easy to watch and an enjoyable watch that i didnt even realise was just over 30mins.. Im a painter in spain, and have varnished and painted doors and trims however not tackled cabinets. I am just staring a job to paint wood varnish doors to satin white and also a bathroom cabinet so this video was very interesting and informative. So much Thanks for taking time to do this video, im sure many people will find this video helpful.


I have been watching videos about painting cabinets for a while when I happened upon your video. It is by far the best I have seen. It is so thorough and detailed without staying too long on any part. Thanks for sharing this.


I watched it all! I painted all my kitchen cabinets white with BM Advance as well. But I hand rolled and brushed. 2 coats primer, 3 coats paint with sanding between each coat. Came out beautiful but oh my….it was a process. If I ever paint cabinets again I think I will spray them. Thanks for the video.


 I couldnt take my eyes off of this video. So satisfying, the perfection of your work along with your voice. Utter perfection!

Hiring Me

Yes, I do run a painting business out of Minneapolis, Minnesota. You can get a free quote from me here: https://diypaintingtips.com/free-painting-quote/

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