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The Best Roller for Painting Cabinets: Our Top 5 Picks for a Smooth Finish

Painting cabinets is a great way to update your home. Why pay for brand-new cabinetry if you love your kitchen layout but not the look? You can revamp your kitchen with the right tools–including the best roller for painting cabinets.

The process of painting cabinetry is fairly inexpensive, but it can be time-consuming. Make the most of your time and energy by getting the right tools for the job. Experienced DIY painters may opt to spray on their cabinet paint. But if you’re more comfortable with a roller, you can absolutely roll your kitchen cabinets instead.

Read on for our top recommendations for the best roller for painting cabinets.

Kitchen cabinet doors removed in order to paint them with the best roller for painting cabinets

Our Top Picks

Best Overall
Mister Rui Foam Paint Rollers

Budget Option
Foam Pro Finest Finish

Best All-In-One Set
Pin Stone All-in-One Small Roller Kit

Best Overall

Mister Rui Foam Paint Rollers

Mister Rui-Foam Paint Roller, 4 Inch-8 Pack Paint Roller Kit, Complete 4

If you need to make a quick decision on paint rollers, you can’t go wrong with this set. The paint roller comes with four spare roller covers, a paint tray, and a liner.

Generally speaking, high-density foam roller covers like Mister Rui’s will ensure the smoothest possible finish on a variety of surfaces. Think of these rollers like sponges. They are porous enough to hold a large amount of paint, but dense enough to distribute it evenly.

Quality control is important with high-density foam. Mister Rui’s has excellent reviews from DIY painters. Overall, this is the best roller for painting cabinets because it delivers excellent quality at a bargain price.


  • High-density foam roller delivers a smooth finish on cabinets
  • Set includes one roller with plenty of spare roller covers
  • High-quality roller will last through your project and many more


  • Only includes a four-inch roller frame with no smaller option
  • High-density foam roller covers are nearly impossible to wash and reuse

Best Budget

Foam Pro Finest Finish

FOAM PRO 184 Foam Paint Roller, Pack of 1

This roller and foam roller cover is a bargain. While foam roller covers in general aren’t too expensive, this set costs less than a standard coffee order. Weekend warriors and budget-conscious DIYers, this is the best roller for painting cabinets you’ll find.

If you’re just planning on refinishing a small vanity cabinet or a similar small-scale project, this basic set is all you’ll really need. For larger-scale projects, you can also buy spare roller covers separately.

However, don’t worry that you’re sacrificing quality when you choose this economical set. True, this is as no-frills as it gets. All that’s included are the paint roller itself and one high-density foam roller cover.

But if you already have most painting essentials in your workshop, you don’t need another paint tray or liner anyway. You need a 4” paint roller frame and a high-quality foam cover, and this set delivers. The Foam Pro Finest Finish gives you the biggest bang for your buck.


  • Simple 4” roller and cover are easily affordable
  • High-quality roller can be used for future projects–simply purchase replacement roller covers
  • High-density foam cover has a beveled edge, useful for narrow spaces


  • Only includes one roller cover
  • Does not include a microfiber cover, which some painters prefer
  • Not an all-inclusive set with other painting supplies

Best All-in-One Set

Pin Stone All-In-One Small Roller Kit

20pcs Small Paint Roller Set, 4 inch 2 inch Mini Paint Roller Brush Kit with Foam Microfiber Covers, Heavy-Duty Paint Tray, Home Painting Supplies, House Painting Roller for Walls, Cabinet, Touch-ups

Both beginning and expert-level painters can achieve great results painting their cabinets. However, while experienced DIYers may have plenty of painting supplies stockpiled from past projects, beginning painters don’t. Purchasing an all-in-one kit will give newer DIY painters everything they need to get started.

The Pin Stone All-In-One Small Roller Kit stands out from similar sets because it offers a wide range of options. The set has twenty pieces, including a paint tray with five disposable liners, both 4” and 2” rollers, and multiple roller covers. Plus, it includes other essentials, such as a paint stirrer, masking tape, and a small, flat paintbrush.

It’s important to note that both the 4” and 2” rollers come with foam roller covers and microfiber covers. If you’re not sure which material is the best roller for painting cabinets in your home, you can try both options.


  • Great for testing out different types of rollers before you commit
  • The included 2” roller and covers are great for very narrow spaces
  • Economical way to try a wide variety of kitchen cabinet painting tools


  • Experienced DIYers will likely already own most pieces in this set
  • Many pieces, such as the 2” roller and microfiber covers, are unnecessary for most projects

Best Microfiber

Whizz Velour Fine Finish

Work Tools International 51600 4-Inch Whizz Paint Roller Cover and Frame, Velour Fine Finish, 4 inches, White

In general, a 4” high-density foam roller will be the best roller for painting cabinets. However, consider a microfiber roller if you are working with oil-based paint to cover somewhat textured cabinetry.

The Whizz Velour Fine Finish has a very short nap, giving you the smoothest finish possible. Unlike many microfiber or other cloth rollers, you can trust this one won’t leave lint behind.

Another benefit of the microfiber roller is its cleanability. While foam rollers are typically single-use, a microfiber roller is much easier to clean and reuse. Eco-friendly DIY painters might consider microfiber the best roller for painting cabinets for this reason alone.


  • Microfiber roller cover will not shed
  • Sturdy roller frame has comfortable grip
  • Best choice for oil-painting applications


  • Only includes roller and one cover- additional roller covers can be purchased separately
  • Beginning painters often achieve better results with foam rollers and latex paint
  • Only includes 4” size without smaller, 2” option

Best Professional Set

Luigi’s Sponge Rollers

Luigi's Small Foam Paint Roller Set | 4 Inch Mini Foam Roller Paint | Sponge Rollers for Painting | 10 x Mini Paint Roller Covers with Steel Handle & Tray

Because painting cabinets can be so labor-intensive, homeowners often hire an experienced painter or ask a friend to help. Being asked to paint the cabinetry in someone else’s home is another level of trust. Let’s be honest: sometimes, we all cut corners in our own homes. When you’re nearing the eleventh hour of painting, deciding you can live with a little paint drip or splotched edge is easy. However, you don’t want to risk leaving shoddy work behind in someone else’s house.

Luigi’s has the best roller for painting cabinets on a professional level. This company has 36 years of experience in the trade, so you can buy with confidence. Plus, they back their product with a two-year money-back guarantee.

The set is made of high-quality materials that ensure it lasts through many cabinet-painting jobs. This 4” roller set includes a durable roller frame and paint tray. Even if you already have plenty of painting tools in your professional collection, you won’t regret adding these.


  • Will stand up to many cabinet painting projects
  • Steel roller frame has comfortable handle and extra ball bearings for smooth rolling
  • 10 spare roller covers ensure plenty of replacements throughout the job


  • Some painters have reported a small gap between the roller cover and the frame
  • Does not include a 2” roller frame option for extra narrow spaces

Best Roller for Painting Cabinets Buyer’s Guide

You might wonder why painting cabinets requires a different roller and frame than you would use for painting walls. After all, if you’re a DIY painter, you’ve likely collected some standard supplies, like a 9” roller frame, in the process.

Cabinets are smaller and require a smoother finish than most interior walls or other painted surfaces. Investing in a 4” roller frame and low- or no-nap covers will save you frustration and deliver quality results. Read on to learn what to consider when choosing the best roller for painting cabinets in your home.

Small Size

Painting cabinetry requires covering a number of tight spaces. In addition to the doors and drawers, you’ll need to get smooth coverage on all parts of the cabinet frame. A 4” roller is the best for painting cabinets due to its easy maneuverability.

Most DIY painters won’t need anything else to paint their cabinetry. However, if you’re working with narrow spaces or very small drawers fronts, consider a 2” roller as well. The 4” roller will be compact enough for most of your cabinetry. The 2” size can help you get maximum coverage with minimal frustration in those extra-narrow spaces.

Smooth Finish

Whether made of wood, MDF, or a little of both, cabinet surfaces are smoother and less porous than drywall or plaster walls. True, covering interior walls often requires a large roller with nap to distribute paint evenly. However, the best roller for painting cabinets will have low or no nap. A naturally smoother surface will show marks from a standard ⅜-inch nap used for drywall.

Use a high-density foam roller with latex paint for the smoothest possible finish. Latex paint is easy to apply and clean up, so it’s a smart choice for most DIY painters. The foam rollers are economical and can be tossed after use. If you’re unsure about the best paint and rollers for cabinets, opt for latex paint and high-density foam.

However, if you’re using oil paint, the best roller for painting cabinets is microfiber, not foam. Professional painters often choose oil paint for woodwork and cabinetry. While it’s a more difficult medium to work with and clean up, the results are exceptionally smooth. Unlike latex, oil paint is more difficult to release from a foam roller, making it less likely to distribute evenly.

Frequently Asked Questions About the Best Rollers for Painting Cabinets

Do I use a brush or roller on my cabinet door detail?

Many cabinet doors have beveled edges or trim to add interest. Use a small trim brush or foam brush to cover the edges of raised panels. Then, use a roller to cover the flat areas of the door.

If your cabinet door has very simple detailing, such as a Shaker style, simply use your brush to get in the edges and corners before rolling. The best roller for painting cabinets, whether foam or microfiber, will have a beveled edge to help fill in these spaces.

If your cabinets are very detailed, consider using a sprayer rather than a brush and roller. These are some of our top-recommended paint sprayers: The Best Cordless Paint Sprayer for DIY Projects: My Top 6 Choices – DIY Painting Tips.

Can I clean and reuse a foam roller?

No. Even if you manage to remove all the paint from a foam roller cover, it will not be the same consistency after it dries. The best course of action is to throw them away after use.

How many coats of paint will I need to paint cabinets?

You won’t get two-coat coverage even with the best roller for painting cabinets and high-quality paint. Plan on at least two coats of primer and three or four coats of your topcoat. Covering dark paint or wood grain with a light color? You’ll likely need to add a few additional coats.

Remember, multiple thin coats of paint are the key to a smooth finish. Don’t give up if you aren’t getting the coverage you want in two coats. However, do build in plenty of time for drying and sanding between coats. The results will be worth it.

Finding the Best Roller for Painting Cabinets

With so many options out there, the best roller for painting cabinets depends on the specifics of your project. Homeowners attempting a quick refresh in a small space will probably prefer the Foam Pro rollers, our most budget-friendly option. Professionals and experienced DIYers will lean towards Luigi’s Sponge Rollers, our professional pick to last through many cabinet-painting projects.

Our list of the top five best rollers for painting cabinets has something for everyone. Ready to start your cabinet painting project? Check out our comprehensive article on How To Paint Kitchen Cabinets Like A Pro!