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The Top Color Trends for Kitchen Cabinets in 2024

Since all art is subjective, it stands to reason that tastes and fashions change regularly. Kitchens are no exception. In fact, there are already some promising trends for kitchen cabinet paint colors for 2024! We’re excited to tell you what colors home design experts predict will become all the rage in the coming year.

Kitchen Cabinet Paint Colors

For Warmth and Coziness

Increasingly, more people are learning to better appreciate their homes as personalized safe havens. Also, many fond memories are made over delicious meals prepared in the kitchen. Your kitchen cabinet paint colors should honor the room as a place of comfort. Warm shades are best for that. These ones, in particular, are rising in popularity.


Though widely recognized for boosting energy, boldness, and even hunger, red is also great at encouraging a sense of intimacy. The deeper and richer the hue, the more welcoming and hospitable it feels. That’s why burgundy specifically is in demand as a kitchen cabinet color. However, all shades of red are wonderful.


As the product of white mixed with red, pink boasts the best traits of both. It has the warmth of red and the invitingness of white, so the result is a charmingly snug aesthetic. Plus, there’s a whimsical quality that could make the kitchen seem more magical. This, in turn, might help you feel more excited and adventurous with your cooking.


When you combine the passion of red with the serenity of blue, you get the captivating majesty of purple. Consequently, many people find that using it as a kitchen cabinet paint color promotes a sense of graciousness. There’s no better way to make your kitchen feel comfy and calm than to surround yourself with soft or deep shades of this color.

Brown/Natural Wood

Nothing achieves warmth and coziness like brown. It’s the color of trees and soil–closely associated with Mother Earth–in addition to coffee and chocolate, in which many people find comfort. To chase that sweet sense of groundedness and security, homeowners are naming natural wood brown as their favorite kitchen cabinet paint color.

Kitchen Cabinet Paint Colors

For Peace and Focus

If you love to cook, you may regard the kitchen as your safe space. It’s where you center yourself, clear your mind, release stress, and calm your nerves. A lot of people agree with you, so these are the kitchen cabinet paint colors they’re using to create peaceful environments in 2024.

Sage Green

Green has long been regarded as an excellent color for promoting creativity and concentration. This year, however, sage and other muted greens are increasingly sought out as kitchen cabinet paint colors not just because they’re attractive but they accomplish the same effect as other darker or brighter shades while also inspiring mental clarity. What could be better for cooking?


Although cooking is an art, it’s also a science; consistency and predictability are soothing to many people who are experienced in food preparation. The tranquility of both soft and deep blues might reflect and enhance the serenity you feel while using culinary creativity to relieve stress. Those who want more peace in their lives love blue as a kitchen cabinet paint color.


Sometimes, all you need to grow your inner sense of harmony is to feel welcome and surrounded by openness. That’s what makes white such a lovely kitchen cabinet paint color. It makes any space feel larger, fresher, and more inviting, which both revitalizes and pacifies the mind. Your cooking may transform for the better with an ambience like this.

Kitchen Cabinet Paint Colors

For Motivation and Cheerfulness

Many people regard this room as one of the happiest. After all, not only do you make tasty meals there, but it’s often a center of social activity for friends and family. If you agree, then you might think that the best kitchen cabinet paint colors will be bright and vivid ones. Designers expect these examples to rise in demand throughout 2024.


Thanks to its sunny and jubilant hue, yellow is known almost universally as a great color for making fun and upbeat environments. People are always looking for a reason to smile, including while cooking, so yellow cabinets are bound to lift your mood. It may even inspire you to play around with new recipes.


Put together the high energy of red and the perkiness of yellow, and you get orange, a lively color known for boosting confidence, enthusiasm, and optimism. Many homeowners are embracing it as a new kitchen cabinet paint color so that anyone who uses the room instantly gets a little more pep in their step as they bond over a meal.

Kitchen Cabinet Paint Colors

How to Choose the Best Color for Your Kitchen Cabinets

These colors are all amazing, but how do you know which one to pick for your kitchen? Don’t worry, we’ve considered that. Here’s our advice.

Have a Goal

As we’ve pointed out, every color encourages certain moods or atmospheres. Think about how you view your kitchen and the effect you want it to have on those who use it. Pick a color scheme that will support your goal for the room and demonstrate the way you value it.

Consider Combos

You might have more than one goal or philosophy for your kitchen. Luckily, you don’t have to limit yourself to just one kitchen cabinet paint color. If you want the room to feel both cheerful and peaceful, perhaps you could go for blue with yellow trim, or vice versa. For a warm yet productive environment, maybe you’d like purple with green accents. There are so many possibilities!

Look at the Grand Scheme of Things

Take a walk around your home and see how your tastes have developed into a particular theme. Your favorite colors, patterns, and textures tend to show up over and over again. Choose a kitchen cabinet paint color that complements your overall aesthetic to keep it cohesive.

Try a New Kitchen Cabinet Paint Color!

With a new year and new trends, it’s a great time to consider reviving your home’s interior design. Any of these kitchen cabinet paint colors will do the trick, and you’ll easily see why they’ll be so popular throughout 2024. However, for timeless advice that will apply any year, check out our post on how and why to paint your kitchen cabinets!