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The 12 Best Bedroom Paint Colors For 2024

It’s bedroom paint colors that turn your bedroom into an oasis from the world. If you don’t feel yourself relaxing as soon as you step foot into it, it’s time for a remodel. Luckily, one of the easiest ways of renovating a room is also the most affordable.

This year we’ve all spent more time at home than ever before, with more stress and anxiety plaguing our waking hours. Use our guide to bedroom paint colors to make your bedroom more personal and more relaxing. A fresh coat of paint will change the way you start and finish each day.

The ultimate guide for finding the best bedroom paint color for 2020.

What Is the Most Relaxing Color For a Bedroom?

When browsing colors, look for paint chips that evoke feelings for you. Let yourself zone out while looking at the color and experience memories, ambitions, excitement, and relaxation. Never settle for a color you aren’t 100% sure about, but also don’t dismiss a paint because you’re not head-over-heels right away.

Lighting and decor can transform a color. Neutral and greys, subdued colors, and light shades that let a room glow with light are all effortless ways to create a relaxing bedroom from dawn to dusk. The best bedroom paint colors are those that strike a chord for you.

Cool Colors

Pale Blue

Pale blue is an easy pick for the best bedroom paint colors of 2020.
Set the backdrop for lazy weekend mornings with pale blue.

Bedroom Bliss with Blue Ground

  • Blue Ground by Farrow & Ball: Picture bright summertime Sunday mornings with gentle breezes. This bedroom color brings a peaceful start to your day and a gentle way to fall asleep at night.
  • Decor Ideas: Pair this serene shade with ocean colors like gray, beige, and white for a calming ambiance. Alternatively, embrace a nature theme with deeper blues, greens, and browns.
  • Explore More: For additional color inspiration, check out Sherwin Williams Liquid Blue.

Mint Green

Mint green doesn't have to be stale or stodgy. Which is how it made it onto our best bedroom paint colors list.
Embrace flexibility when you’re styling mint green walls.

A Green Retreat with Douglas Fern

  • Benjamin Moore Douglas Fern: Natural fibers and materials complement this shade beautifully. Think bamboo, teak, and woven grass accents for a light and breezy green bedroom.
  • Playful Pairings: To express a vibrant personality, consider pairing Douglas Fern with Sherwin Williams Picnic for a playful touch of orange or pink.
  • Relaxing Ambiance: Choose a bedroom paint color that’s both relaxing and expressive. Douglas Fern’s mint-green hue is soothing yet allows for self-expression.
  • Room Brightening: This shade won’t overwhelm a small bedroom lacking direct sunlight, keeping the space feeling open and airy.

Gray Blue

Soft and subtle is hard to beat when picking the best bedroom paint colors.
Who wouldn’t want to hit the snooze button in this darling alcove?

Dreamy Bed Nook with Harlequin Blue

  • Benjamin Moore Harlequin Blue: The soft gray-blue hue surrounding the bed nook creates a calming atmosphere, perfect for inducing sleep.
  • Soothing Surroundings: Imagine being enveloped in the colors of a foggy sky on a rainy day—it’s like hitting the snooze button for an extra hour or two.
  • Morning Wake-Up Call: Sherwin Williams Notable Hue resembles the pre-dawn sky, offering a gentle start to each day.
  • Mural Inspiration: While the mural may steal the show, the surrounding paint color sets the mood. Consider replicating this look in your own bedroom for a tranquil retreat.

Pale Purple

Pale purple welcomes and relaxes as a bedroom paint color.
Create an ethereal fairy-woodland in your bedroom with lavender walls.

Create a Lavender Oasis with Purple Lace

  • Benjamin Moore Purple Lace: Transform your bedroom into a floral oasis with this non-traditional choice for a master bedroom.
  • Breaking Traditions: In a year of upheaval, why not embrace something different? Purple Lace offers a unique and refreshing change.
  • Styling Tips: Pair Sherwin Williams Rhapsody Lilac with light and dark neutrals for a balanced look. Monochrome styling is also an option, as shown here.

Welcoming Warm Colors


Express yourself with coral for your bedroom paint color.
When you want bold and bright, there’s nothing better than coral.

Bold and Optimistic with Dusk Pink

  • Benjamin Moore Dusk Pink: Embrace your bold side with this striking color that’s perfect for those who start their day with a smile.
  • Energizing Vibes: If your idea of relaxation involves planning and organizing, Dusk Pink might just be your perfect match.
  • Styling Tips: Pair with light neutrals and a restrained color palette. Sherwin Williams Rejuvenate complements this shade beautifully, adding optimism and daring to your bedroom.

Pale Pink

Rose gold everything, and as a bedroom paint color, it works.
Keep your bedroom light and breezy with just a hint of pale pink.

Timeless Sophistication with Fond Memory

  • Benjamin Moore Fond Memory: Embrace the trend with this sophisticated pale pink, perfect for a stylish bedroom regardless of your age.
  • Versatile Pairing: Pair it with intense contrasting colors, metal finishes, or natural fibers and faux-fur fabrics for a chic look.
  • Discover the Potential: Try Sherwin Williams Jovial to see the versatility and potential of pale pink as a paint color.

Timeless Off-Whites


Stark white, with the right decor and finishes is anything but boring.
For bold decor and natural materials, pure-white is a sure win.

Reinventing Off-White: Farrow & Ball Wevet

  • Farrow & Ball Wevet: Redefine off-white with a shade that invites personalization and creativity in your master bedroom.
  • Expressive Simplicity: Benjamin Moore Lily White complements your vibrant decor choices, allowing you to play with patterns and colors in your accessories.
  • Morning Sunshine: Wake up to a bright, airy room with Lily White, enhancing the natural light in your bedroom.

Light Gray

Light gray is one of the best bedroom paint colors for sophistication and subtlety.
Sophisticated and serious, pale grey’s for the grown-up bedroom you’ve always wanted.

Sophisticated Serenity: Farrow & Ball Cornforth White

Lavish Jewel Tones

Emerald Green

Even jewel tones can be whimsical, like this emerald green with a fox theme.
Rich and imaginative, forest green works from the master bedroom to kids’ room.

Jewel-Toned Elegance: Farrow & Ball Verdigris Green

  • Farrow & Ball Verdigris Green: This jewel tone embodies luxury and relaxation, perfect for creating an inviting atmosphere in any room.
  • Masterful Maturity: Sherwin Williams Garden Grove, paired with gilded decor and rich colors like pink or ruby red, adds a mature touch to your master bedroom.


Get creative with crimson red by adding ombre and gold accents.
Red and gold is a sure-fire win, but we love the little ombre in the brushwork.

Timeless Elegance: Benjamin Moore Ladybug Red

  • Benjamin Moore Ladybug Red: A classic red that exudes timeless style, perfect for adding a bold statement to your bedroom.
  • Creative Ombre: The addition of a pale red ombre effect at the top of the room adds a creative twist, making the color scheme more dynamic and interesting.
  • Chill Out with Faux-Finishes: If large blocks of color feel overwhelming, try faux-finishes and brush painting techniques to create a more relaxed atmosphere.

Decadent Dark Neutrals


Dark grey is the perfect way to drift off to sleep, especially with warm and whimsical decor.
If you’re always dreaming of luxury, sleep in a dark grey bedroom.

Elegant Gray: Benjamin Moore Tulsa Twilight

  • Benjamin Moore Tulsa Twilight: This shade of gray is anything but dull, offering a stylish and daring choice for your bedroom.
  • Express Yourself: Pair this gray with subtle touches like a soft pink curtains, a statement rug, or a contrasting painting to add personality and style to your space.
  • Pair with Plum Brown: For added depth, consider pairing Tulsa Twilight with a rich color like Sherwin Williams Plum Brown for a sophisticated and elegant look.


Black isn't just for goths anymore, as this black and gold bedroom proves.
There’s nothing emo about this black and gold bedroom.

Bold Black: Benjamin Moore Black

  • Benjamin Moore Black with Gold Accent: Black bedrooms can be sophisticated and inviting, especially when paired with a striking gold accent wall.
  • Sherwin Williams Tricorn Black: Consider accenting any wall with Sherwin Williams Tricorn Black to create a bold and audacious yet relaxing space.
  • Balance with Accessories: Balance adventurous color choices with complementary throw pillows and decor to create a harmonious and inviting atmosphere.

Enjoy Your New Bedroom Color!

Choosing the right color for your bedroom can transform it into a sanctuary that reflects your personality and style. Whether you prefer soothing neutrals, bold jewel tones, or playful pastels, the key is to select a hue that resonates with you. Experiment with different shades, consider the mood you want to create, and don’t be afraid to step outside the box. With the right color on your walls, your bedroom can become a peaceful retreat and a true reflection of your taste.

For more color inspiration, check out our paint colors archive!