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Interior diy painting tips

Gray Painted Living Room

How Much Does It Cost To Paint A Room?

How much does it cost to paint a room? The amount of times I've been asked this question by...
Best Interior Paint

Best Interior Paint for Your Home in 2020

Whether you realize it or not, wall color is the first thing you notice when you walk into a room. The color...
Painted Bathroom

The 6 Best Paints For Bathrooms

The bathroom is one of the highest traffic areas in your home. You spend time there getting ready for...

Benjamin Moore Advance – Cabinet Paint Review

Benjamin Moore Advance came onto the market roughly 6 years ago as an answer to the gap between oil and water-based enamels....
New drywall in home remodel

The Best Drywall Primers For New Drywall

Painting over new or repaired drywall is not the same as repainting existing walls. While not complicated, painting...
Paint and Primer in One

Paint and Primer in One: What It Is and When to Use It

It’s time. Time to cover the dull and lifeless neutral paints you bought the house with. It's time to take each space...
Painted Porch Floor

The Best Floor Paints For Your Porch, Patio and Floors

Porch and floor paints are incredibly durable paints that are resistant to dirt, moisture and other common issues. Porch...
Living Room Painted Ceiling

The Best Ceiling Paint For Your Home

Painting your ceiling and the paint you use, are oftentimes an afterthought of most homeowners as they are painting their home.
Cleaning Walls Before Painting

How To Clean Walls Before Painting

Ask any painter what the secret to a beautiful interior paint job is and you will usually get an answer along the...
Getting wall ready for mold killing primer and mold resistant paint

The Best Mold Killing Primer and Mold Resistant Paints

No matter if you live in a new house or an old house, you're likely going to run into mold issues at...