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Living Room Painted Ceiling

The Best Ceiling Paint For Your Home

Painting your ceiling and the paint you use, are oftentimes an afterthought of most homeowners as they are painting their home.
Cleaning Walls Before Painting

How To Clean Walls Before Painting

Ask any painter what the secret to a beautiful interior paint job is and you will usually get an answer along the...
Getting wall ready for mold killing primer and mold resistant paint

The Best Mold Killing Primer and Mold Resistant Paints

No matter if you live in a new house or an old house, you're likely going to run into mold issues at...
Interior of a large modern bedroom with a fireplace and ceiling fan. Horizontal format.

How Much Does It Cost To Paint A Ceiling?

Painting ceilings is a job that I get calls about quite a bit. I don't mind doing them either. With the right...
Finished Painted High Ceilings

How To Paint High Ceilings

Painting ceilings can be tricky. I've already covered how to paint textured ceilings on DIY Painting Tips, but today, I want to...
Orange Peel Texture

How To Spray Perfect Orange Peel Texture

Orange peel texture is a splatter texture that is sprayed onto walls and ceilings to give them a texture that is similar...
Bathroom with walls painted behind toilet

How To Paint Behind A Toilet

You've bought your paint, drop cloths are in place, roller and brush are ready to go, but you've got one big problem... How Do You...
Beautiful Painted Kitchen Cabinets

How To Paint Kitchen Cabinets Like A Pro

Just a quick introduction before the post! My name is Ryan Cunningham and I have been a professional painter for the last 16 years,...
Olive Room With Painted Trim

How To Paint Trim: The Complete Guide To Painting Trim

Painting trim is among the most common painting tasks that homeowners undertake, right along with walls and cabinets. Painting your trim can completely change the...

How To Paint A Ceiling Without Roller Marks

If you've ever tried to paint a ceiling, you've probably run into the issue of having visible roller marks on your ceiling when finished. This...