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The Impact of Painted Cabinets on Home Value: What You Need to Know

Most homeowners end up selling their houses at some point. Whether you’d like to do that soon or far into the future, you might naturally wonder how to command the highest possible price from potential buyers. If so, don’t underestimate the power of putting a new coat of paint on your cabinets! Read on to understand the intricacies of cabinet painting ROI.

Cabinet Painting ROI

How Cabinet Painting Affects Your Home Value

Between prepping, painting, drying, and cleaning up, painting cabinets can take anywhere from several hours to several days, depending on the size of your kitchen and how much time you can set aside all at once. Why would it be worth all that time and effort if your goal is to raise the value of your home? We’ll tell you!

Improves Appearance

Since the kitchen is one of the most vital rooms of any house, buyers often base their decisions largely on how nice it is. If you can impress them with cabinets so stunning that they appear to have been installed very recently, you’re more likely to receive bigger offers. This is perhaps the most obvious reason to take cabinet painting ROI seriously.

Increases Durability

During the process of cabinet painting, you’ll hopefully apply a couple of coats of sealer and strong, waterproof paint. They’re better protected from damage caused by smoke, moisture, dirt, dust, chemicals, and food stains. You’ll boost the effectiveness of cabinet painting ROI because it ensures that the cabinets will stay in great condition for much longer.

Fixes Problems

Exposed as they are to foods, drinks, and kitchen appliances, cabinets tend to take on a lot of blemishes and changes over time. Before you can properly paint them, you’ll need to wash away grease and sand them to restore their smooth, even, burn-free surfaces. You may also replace the hinges, screws, knobs, or handles while you’re at it. By the time you’re done, your cabinet painting ROI increases simply because they’re practically brand new.

Would you prefer to simplify the process if possible? We’ve got tips on painting cabinets without sanding! You can also read our general prep advice so that you’re ready to tackle any issue.

Suggests Overall Quality

Despite the importance of a kitchen, plenty of homeowners overlook proper cabinet care. When you show your buyers that you pay attention to details like kitchen cabinets, they’re more likely to believe that you’ve taken good care of the entire house. In this way, cabinet painting ROI may increase your home’s overall value exponentially.

Reduces Hassle

Most buyers like turnkey homes that are already beautiful, stable, and liveable, even if it costs more upfront. It removes a lot of the stress of moving and starting a new chapter in their lives. If they can see that the cabinets are already updated with fresh paint and good hardware, that’s one less worry on their list, and they’ll pay well for it.

Cabinet Painting ROI

Frequently Asked Questions

As you consider the many ways that cabinet painting ROI can make your home better and more appealing, you may also wonder how best to capitalize on the benefits. We’ve taken the liberty of answering a few of the most common questions.

How much does cabinet painting increase ROI?

The calculation of cabinet painting ROI may vary depending on what exactly you do. However, the average ROI is 77%. That could make a big difference in determining the price you could demand for your home when you’re ready to sell. In fact, if your home could be worth several thousand dollars more than it was before the paint job.

How should you paint your cabinets to maximize the ROI?

Every year, the trends for cabinet painting change. If you know that you’ll sell your home this year, you’ll increase your cabinet painting ROI by using colors and patterns that fit with what’s currently popular. No matter when you paint, however, you’ll always be safe with neutral colors that go with nearly any kitchen decor imaginable. Gray is a great example!

How often should you paint your cabinets?

Ideally, every new paint job should last around five to ten years before you’ll need to redo it. However, repaint them sooner if you notice signs of wear, such as stains, splinters, or unevenness. Frequent and/or intense exposure to moisture, food, and chemical fumes could start deteriorating the wood as soon as two or three years after the last coats of paint were applied.

How soon before selling your home should you paint your kitchen cabinets?

Even if your cabinets seem fine, consider repainting if you’re putting your house on the market soon. You’ll maximize your cabinet painting ROI if you do it a month or two before you start welcoming potential buyers. That’s when the paint will be at its freshest and most vibrant, but it will also be totally dry and free from its signature smell.

Why should you repaint your cabinets rather than replace them?

Maybe you think that completely replacing kitchen cabinets is better at increasing your home’s value because they’re brand new. If your current cabinets are rotted, warped, or broken, that may indeed be your only option.

However, if they’re just outdated or a little worn out, painting them is far wiser. Cabinet painting ROI fetches you a bigger profit margin because it’s cheaper than installing new ones and still increases your home’s value by roughly the same amount. This is especially true if you paint them yourself rather than hiring a professional.

Cabinet Painting ROI

Learn More About Optimizing Your Cabinet Painting ROI!

If you’re willing to put in the work necessary to raise your home’s value in any real estate market, painting your cabinets is a must. We hope we’ve got you excited about the possibilities in cabinet painting ROI! Get started by checking out more of our articles on how to get the most value from a project like this. For example, we’ve got some basic cabinet painting tips right here!