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Eco Friendly Paint For Your Interior and Exterior Painting Projects

Painting is a transformative process that can make the inside and outside of your home look completely different. But paint often has toxic chemicals and additives that can harm the environment through pollution. That’s why it might be time to try out some eco friendly paint!

Protecting the environment is vital. And while paint might seem like a small thing, it can still make a significant impact. This is especially true within the manufacturing process. So, keep reading if you’re ready to make an eco friendly change to your home’s walls and exterior!

Eco Friendly Paint

What Makes Paint Eco Friendly?

Eco friendly paint is a type of paint that’s free of volatile organic compounds or has a low amount of them. Volatile organic compounds quickly evaporate into the air and aren’t very soluble in water. So, they can linger on the Earth for a while and create pollution. Eco friendly paint has fewer pollutants, as it opts for more natural and non-toxic materials.

Due to the low amount of toxic ingredients, you’ll also notice that these paints don’t have a strong odor. So, they shouldn’t fill your home with unpleasant, headache-causing smells.

Eco Friendly Paint Options

Eco Friendly Wall and Ceiling Paints

1. Montage Signature

If you want a high-quality, eco friendly paint, Montage Signature is an excellent option with an eco-friendly seal! This paint brand uses a water base and has a low amount of volatile organic compounds. And the brand uses recycled paints in its formulas. It’s scrubbable, easy to clean, and works great for both commercial buildings and homes.

You’ll find this paint in a variety of sheens, allowing you to pick the perfect look for your needs. It even has mold and mildew defense! So, you won’t have a nasty mess to clean up if moisture clings to your walls.

2. Evolve

The Evolve brand of eco friendly paint prides itself on its low-odor and low-volatile organic compound formulas. About 50% of each Evolve paint uses recycled paint in its formula, which is amazing for the environment! This keeps excess paint out of landfills and helps reduce pollution.

You can find Evolve in any sheen you need, along with many beautiful colors and shades. Its innovative sealing technology will allow your walls to stay strong and moisture-free while allowing for easy cleaning. Simply wipe any stains off the walls, and they’ll look as good as new!

3. Backdrop

Are you looking for an eco friendly paint with a quick drying time? The Backdrop brand takes just 60 minutes to feel dry to the touch! It’s a professional-grade, self-priming paint that’s also easy to clean, very durable, and stain-resistant.

You can expect a low odor due to its ultra-low amount of volatile organic compounds. It omits formaldehyde and other gas-producing ingredients, keeping your sinuses and lungs happy. This paint brand is also Climate Neutral Certified, which means the company is working towards a net-zero future.

You can find a few paint sheens and a portion of each sale goes to the International Rescue Committee.

Eco Friendly Paint

Eco Friendly Floor Paints


The ECOS paint brand has zero volatile organic compounds in its formula and is completely non-toxic. Their water-based, high-sheen, eco friendly paint can offer beautiful color to your dull-looking floors. ECOS paint has excellent durability, is easy to clean, and is even resistant to peeling and cracking. This is the perfect option for those who want to change up their floors without heavy renovations!

Floor paint like this is best for wood and concrete floors. However, you shouldn’t use it on oily types of wood, consistently wet areas, or your garage floors. These areas can cause the paint to lift or have bonding issues.

5. Jolie

The Jolie paint brand offers a variety of types of paints, with floor paint being one of their options. You’ll find that most of the floor paint options come in a matte finish, as they are less slippery. But you can find plenty of stunning colors, so you’re bound to find the perfect shade.

This type of eco friendly paint doesn’t require any priming and dries in 30 minutes, so it’s easy to use. It has an ultra-low volatile organic compound content, uses non-toxic ingredients, and allows easy cleaning with its water base. The paint is also Green Wise Certified! This certification emphasizes the low volatile organic compound content, low odor, and omission of toxic chemicals.

Eco Friendly Paint

Eco Friendly Exterior Paints

6. Prestige

Outdoor paint needs to be highly durable and easily washable due to mildew and mold accumulation. Prestige paint offers just that and much more!

The eco friendly paint brand offers a few different finishes and provides primer and paint all in one! It has a beautifully smooth application and takes just two hours to dry and cure. The formula has a low amount of volatile organic compounds, creating a minimal negative impact outdoors.

You can use this stunning acrylic-based paint on cement, wood, aluminum, vinyl siding, and masonry. It’s perfect for any and all outdoor projects you may have!


The RECOLOR paint brand offers a few different neutral colors of medium-sheen exterior paint. Colors include gray, taupe, and white. It’s an incredibly eco-friendly paint brand, as they solely use recycled latex paints. And, of course, their formulas have a naturally low content of volatile organic compounds. The company focuses on reducing wasted paint, landfill paint dumping, and pollution.

RECOLOR’s exterior paints are premium quality, have great coverage, and are easily washable. You can use them on concrete, wood, aluminum, and vinyl. So, you should be able to use them on any siding or exterior your home may have!

Eco Friendly Paint

Wrapping Up Eco Friendly Paint

As our world continues to evolve, protecting the environment is becoming crucial. Pollution alone is having a severe effect on our air quality. So, we need to start looking at small and immediate changes that we can implement into our lives. Changing over to eco-friendly paint is an easy step that everyone can take!

By using this type of paint, you’ll be reducing fumes and chemicals from getting released onto the Earth. This can help you reduce your personal output of pollution and make our world a little healthier!

Is the paint-picking process making you feel a little overwhelmed? Check out our post on 12 Helpful Tips for Choosing Paint Colors for some help!