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From Light to Dark: Choosing the Right Shade for Painting Cabinets Grey

Wanna give your kitchen a fresh facelift? Why not try painting your cabinets grey?

Grey is a versatile color that can add a touch of sophistication and elegance to any space. But with so many shades of grey out there, it can be overwhelming to choose the right one for your kitchen.

That’s where we come in. This post will help guide you in selecting the perfect shade of grey for your cabinets.

Whether you’re looking for a light hue to brighten up your kitchen or a darker tint for extra moodiness, there’s a shade of grey for every style.

So let this guide help you on your journey of painting cabinets grey.

Kitchen cabinets showing an example of painting cabinets grey

Why Choose Grey?

You might be wondering, out of all the colors and shades out there, why should you paint your cabinets grey?

The beauty of this shade lies in its versatility. You can easily pair grey with any color scheme and design aesthetic, whether your kitchen is traditional, contemporary, or somewhere in between.

Painting cabinets grey can make them seamlessly blend in and enhance the overall look and feel. And they make the best blank canvas to design the rest of your kitchen around.

With the right hardware, backsplash, and countertop, you can create a stunning contrast that adds depth and dimension to your kitchen.

Plus, grey cabinets exude elegance and sophistication. You can easily use this shade to dress your kitchen up or down, and it helps create a fresh, modern look in your space.

Popular Grey Cabinet Paints

Are you inspired to paint your cabinets grey? Check out these attractive shades of grey that will instantly elevate any kitchen space.

Jolie Paint Dove Gray

Jolie Paint - Matte finish paint for furniture, cabinets, floors, walls, home decor and accessories - Water-based, Non-toxic (16oz - Pint, Dove Grey [Warm Grey])

Dove Grey is the lightest shade on our guide to painting cabinets grey. It’s the perfect compromise if you like the clean look of white but want something a little more visually interesting.

This tint is delicate and warm, with hints of beige undertones. It will brighten up your kitchen without overpowering it with color.

Rust-Oleum Aged Gray

Rust-Oleum, Aged Gray 285143 Ultra Matte Interior Acrylic Chalked Paint 30 oz, 30 Fl Oz (Pack of 1)

Aged Gray gives your kitchen cabinets a hint of grey with subtle bluish undertones. This bright tint will help create more openness in your kitchen and works beautifully with darker contrasting tones.

Jolie Paint Misty Cove

Jolie Paint - Matte finish paint for furniture, cabinets, floors, walls, home decor and accessories - Water-based, Non-toxic (4oz - Sample Size, Misty Cove [Mid-tone Grey])

Misty Cove emits the feeling of walking along the shore of a foggy lake. It’s a hint darker than Aged Grey, with muted green and blue undertones that help further the seaside state of mind.

This cool color was inspired by the rocky coast of Malibu, California, and will help create a serene tranquility in your kitchen.

Country Chic Pebble Beach

Chalk Style Paint - for Furniture, Home Decor, Crafts - Eco-Friendly - All-in-One - No Wax Needed (Pebble Beach [Grey], Sample (4 oz))

Pebble Beach is a calming, medium-tone gray that’s super versatile. Whether your kitchen aesthetic is rustic, modern, coastal, or minimalist, this shade will make a welcome addition.

It’s light enough to bring brightness into your space but dark enough to add some depth. This well-rounded shade is the perfect color chameleon.

Rust-Oleum Country Gray

Rust-Oleum Decorative 285141 Ultra Matte Interior Chalked Paint 30 oz, 30 Fl Oz (Pack of 1), Country Gray

If you’re looking for something a little bit darker, check out Country Gray. This tone is the perfect halfway point between white and black and oozes sophistication. It has subtle cool undertones with a slight greenish tint depending on how the light hits it.

Jolie Paint Linen

Jolie Paint - Matte finish paint for furniture, cabinets, floors, walls, home decor and accessories - Water-based, Non-toxic (16oz - Pint, Legacy [Deep Muted Green])

If you love the natural stone look, why not try Jolie Paint’s Linen? This shade has cooler undertones and can be easily paired with white for a balanced look.

Linen will give any space a natural, archaic feeling as it channels the hue of old stone houses and Roman castles.

Country Chic Cobblestone

Chalk Style Paint - for Furniture, Home Decor, Crafts - Eco-Friendly - All-in-One - No Wax Needed (Cobblestone [Grey], Sample (4 oz))

The darkest shade on our guide to painting cabinets grey; Country Chic’s Cobblestone is the right paint to add a touch of luxury to a space. With warm undertones and a muted finish, this color is for those who prefer a moody kitchen.

What’s the Best Shade of Grey for Your Kitchen?

The best part about painting cabinets grey is also its worst feature: the versatility.

Since there are innumerable ways to pair this shade with other decor ideas, it can easily get overwhelming.

But with a few general rules in your back pocket, you can weed through some of the ideas that don’t work for your personal taste.

A lighter shade of grey can make your kitchen appear more spacious and airy, while a darker shade can bring depth and richness to the space.

So if you would rather have your cabinets take the backseat in your kitchen, choose a shade like Dove Grey. This option will simultaneously brighten up your space without stealing the spotlight.

But if you’d prefer to have your cabinets be the focal point, opt for a darker shade like Linen or Cobblestone. These tints will convey a more dramatic feeling and create a moodier atmosphere.

Then you have to consider the undertones in each option. Shades with blue and green undertones, like Misty Cove or Aged Gray, will help create a cool, refreshing ambiance, whereas a deeper shade like Cobblestone will play well with earthy tones and make your kitchen feel warmer.

Design Tips

Now that you know all about painting cabinets grey, check out these tried-and-true design tips to help pull the whole look together.

Purchase Complementary Hardware

Pairing your grey cabinets with the right hardware is an overlooked step that can hugely elevate your kitchen design.

If you use a medium, warm-tone grey, consider using gold or brass drawer knobs for a flattering look.

Gray cabinets with brass hardware

Traditional stainless-steel hardware is the way to go for grey cabinets with cooler undertones since it adds a nice complimentary, modern flare.

For those with dark gray cabinets, a black-finish handle can really make them stand out.

If you’re not sure about the right hardware for your cabinets, bring a paint swatch with you to the store for easy reference.

Add Pops of Color

Thanks to grey’s neutral tone, you can pretty much pair it with any color, and it will still look amazing. It’s basically a blank canvas to let your imagination run wild.

Pair this versatile shade with natural wood and lots of greenery for an earthy, minimalist aesthetic. Or use pops of ivory to create a bold contrast.

You can use deep reds or oranges to convey a Spanish, rustic feeling, or try blues or greens to create a feeling of seaside tranquility.

No matter which option you choose, you really can’t go wrong pairing color or shade with grey.

Choose the Right Backsplash

A backsplash can make or break your cabinet color, but luckily, grey is very forgiving.

One idea is to choose a neutral backsplash like white subway tiles or light marble, which will keep the focus on your beautiful grey cabinets.

You can also try a natural stone or brick backsplash, which adds a lovely texture and works with the grey cabinets to create a natural, earthy feeling in your kitchen.

Or, use your backsplash as a way to create a bold contrast with your cabinets. Try using bright blue or green tiles to create a pop of color.

Match Cabinets to Countertops

No need to fret about choosing the right countertop to match with grey cabinets; this shade will complement most colors and materials.

Choose a natural stone or granite that brings out the elegance in your cabinets, or choose a contrasting color like teal or seafoam green. You also can’t go wrong with wood, which helps accentuate the natural feeling in your kitchen.

Frequently Asked Questions

Before you get started on your painting journey, read the most frequently asked questions about painting cabinets grey by fellow DIY-ers.

Can you paint cabinets without sanding?

If your cabinet surfaces are in decent condition, you don’t have to sand them before painting. As long as you give them a good clean and use high-quality paint, you should be good to go!

Do I need a primer when painting kitchen cabinets?

While you can get away without sanding your cabinets first, it’s recommended to give your surface a coat of primer before painting. This way, your paint will stick better to the surface, and it will help the brand-new paint job last longer.

Gray cabinets with wood countertops topped with plants and accessories

Painting Cabinets Grey: Summed Up

Whether you choose a warm tint like Cobblestone or a cool light shade like Dove Grey, painting cabinets grey can add incredible sophistication and sleekness to any kitchen.

With these decor tips in your back pocket, you can create an elegant oasis that matches your personal design aesthetic.

Now that you know all about painting cabinets grey, check out Painting Furniture posts for more DIY ideas to get inspired.