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Welcome to DIY Painting Tips. My name is Ryan Cunningham. I have been a professional painter out of Minneapolis, Minnesota for over 20 years. I started this site to help homeowners who want to do their own painting projects, but don’t know where to start. My hope is that this site helps you have a great experience painting and get an amazing finished product. Oh, and if you ever have a question, I am happy to help!

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The Best Deck Paint to Transform Your Yard in 2020

If you’re spending more time at home these days, you might want to invest in easy DIY projects to improve your house and yard. Using the best deck paint on your outdoor space is a great way to give it a fresh look while protecting and preserving your wood decking. Imagine a stylish and comfortable oasis

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Learning how to clean painted cabinets will keep your kitchen looking day one fresh for years.

How To Clean Painted Cabinets The Right Way

DIY remodeling transforms a house into your dream home, but how do you maintain that just-painted feeling? You learn how to clean painted cabinets–how to really clean kitchen cabinets, so they’re as immaculate as the day you painted them. Clean kitchens just feel different, ready for your next cooking adventure, or primed to host an impromptu get-together.

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Learn about the best paint for cabinets, hybrid latex paint.

The Absolute Best Paint for Cabinets in 2020

You might be wondering, why bother researching the best paint for cabinets? There’s a reason everyone congregation in the kitchen during a party. It’s the heart of your home. Plus, all the snacks are there. But what about when the center of your home reflects the taste of the previous owners? Or some impulsive cabinet purchases

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Graco Magnum ProX17

Graco Magnum ProX17 Airless Sprayer Review

The Graco Magnum ProX17 is a great entry level sprayer for painting contractors, house flippers, property managers, and DIYers who have a lot of painting projects. It has the ability to handle multiple large projects and keep on spraying. Thick paints such as exterior paints are no problem for this sprayer and it can easily

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A good paint edger is an DIY painting tool kit essential.

The Best Paint Edger and How To Use It

For four arduous years, Michelangelo lay on his back painting the Sistine chapel’s ceiling. If he’d had a paint edger tool, he’d have it done in two. If he’d used the Accubrush MX Paint Edger, our pick for the best paint edger out there, he would have had that ceiling done in nine months. In fact,

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